Why do we need a Center?

Yesterday’s museum cannot address today’s world.

The world is changing faster than our cultural institutions evolve.  We need a resource designed to move forward—dedicated to the conversations of tomorrow, through technology, broadcasts, interactive events and dynamic exhibitions.

Young people don’t just need a field trip, they need a head trip.

Today’s child cannot draw inspiration from yesterday’s education.  We must provide engaging resources that help them understand the world as it is, and stoke their imaginations about their place in it.

Sharing a world is the central challenge of humanity.

 We try.  We succeed.  We falter.  We repeat.  Meanwhile the stakes of oppression, suppression, violence and poverty get higher.  Human capacity to learn, reflect and implement change is a source of hope.  Personal transformation is a source of justice, humanity and responsibility.

The Center is worth creating because it is a new kind of institution for a new kind of world. 

It will remain steadfast in its commitment to present the pressing issues of the day in a way that is interesting, informative and compelling.

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